What a Day!!

It started out well enough - as we talked to Sam Faust on the phone, our first pelicans soared overhead, apparently returning to their traditional hangout.  We followed that with a trip to Loew's for lumber and a lattice - for saw horses and a lattice - getting ready for this weekend's flea market .  Then home again to construct our displays and take the boat over to the sanitary station for a pumpout.  Since we already had the boat out, we figured we'd go fish off Radio Island.

Wild ponies on Carrot Island, Rachel Carson Preserve.

We were tickled to see two wild ponies going for a photo op on the beach.  Later, we dropped anchor in the turning basin of the Morehead City port and waited for the fish.

Bill's mammoth 'Mako' shark!!

Bill was surprised and delighted to catch a 3 foot dogfish - he's busy telling everyone that it was a Mako shark - but a dogfish is part of the shark family.  Interestingly enough, dogfish have cat-like eyes - I wonder if they are conflicted about that.  I was reeling in lines to get ready to go home and discovered I had caught an even smaller fish than yesterday.  The little guy kept grunting and calling me names in fish, so I popped him back in.

My huge fishie!

Well, on the way back we took a wrong turn and even though we could see the marina, we couldn't understand the channel markers.  Apparently the channel I decided to take was all shoaled in and guess what?  So were we.  We tried to pull ourselves off the sand - Bi;; walked the anchor out to a deeper spot - but the anchor winch could only pull an inch or so at a time.  After about 30 minutes off futile inching, I called Tow Boat US.  It only cost $650 to be rescued - holy moley, batman - there goes the fuel money!  Well - it was either that or we would still be grounded out in the slough.

Our rescuer leads the way back to the marina where we will complete the paperwork.

Bill was wet from head to toe -I was wet from waist down.  Chastened, we took showers and went to dinner.  So much for pelicans being the harbingers of good luck!

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